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Explore Alpha Training - West Des Moines, IA January 31, 2018
We believe everyone
should have the chance to
explore the Christian faith,
ask questions and share
their point of view in the
context of a local church

Alpha USA works to equip
the local church with free
and simple tools to share
the message of the gospel
with those outside the
church walls. We are seeing
individuals, churches and
communities transformed at
an ever-increasing rate.

Join us as we explore
the impact of Alpha and
celebrate real stories of lives
transformed by Christ.

Individual: $10
Group (4+): $8
Walk-In: $15
Lunch is included in the cost.

Amy Thorson

January 31
11:00 AM
01:30 PM

Lutheran Church of Hope
925 Jordan Creek Pkwy
West Des Moines, IA 50266

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Event has ended.
Sold out.

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